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▪ About

I am hobbyist programmer (C, C++, PHP, JS) and electronics enthusiast. Computers, retro, web and tech stuff are interesting to me.
Site written by myself. Nothing much here.

▪ Stuff

Stuff (retro/modern) i own:
- PS2 (fat)
- 2x PS3 (phat and super slim)
- Nintendo Wii
- Sega Master System II
- PSP 3004
- A lot of retro/2000s motherboards/cards
- Old laptops (2000s-2010s)
- 1x GPS with unlocked Windows CE 6.0
- Some old Advantech motherboard stuff
- A few of PC power supplies including pico one
- and probably more

Main PC parameters:
- CPU: Intel Core i7 6700
- RAM: 48GB DDR4
- GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 4GB
- PSU: Be Quiet! 600W Gold
- PCI/PCIe cards: None
- OS: Linux Debian

Extra stuff:
- Hantek 6022BL oscilloscope
- PINE64 Pinecil v2
- Main phone Blackberry Key2 LE

▪ Experiments

Experimental xp_activate32.exe php port
ZSEM plan mod

▪ Contact

Write to [email protected]